Research Publications

Municipal Liability Insurance: Underwriting Results

These two related studies of municipal liability involved a survey of selected municipalities and of insurers writing municipal liability coverages, plus the collection of premium and loss experience on the cities responding to the survey. The survey explores availability of coverage, cost of coverage, and actions needed to control rising liability losses. Responses were received from 83 insurance companies and 853 municipalities.

Insurer Study of PIP Serious Injury Claims

This is the first follow-up on the 420 seriously injured crash victims whose files were initially surveyed as part of Automobile Injuries and Their Compensation in the United States. The study recorded changes in their conditions since 1978 and updated statistics on current and future expected costs.

A Study of Uninsured Motorists Involved in Reported Automobile Accidents

The report examines the characteristics of uninsured motorists and the vehicles they drive. Based on the data from official accident reports filed with motor vehicle departments in California, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, Oregon, Virginia and West Virginia. Free.

Subrogation of PIP Claims,

July 1980, 12 pages. Free

Attorney Representation

June 1980, 8 pages. Free.

Public Attitude Monitor 1980

This initial survey focuses on topics of ownership of vehicles and auto insurance including: attitudes toward auto-related expenses, problems in buying auto insurance, availability of information about auto insurance, auto insurance selection and rating factors, government regulation and competition.