Auto Injuries: Claiming Behavior and Its Impact of Insurance Costs

Thursday, September 1, 1994
This book reports results of a countrywide survey of nearly 62,000 auto injury claims paid by 61 major auto insurers in 1992. It discusses characteristics of the accidents and of those injured, trends in losses incurred and payments received, incidence of attorney involvement and its effect on claim costs, and variations by city and state in these and other factors. Comparisons are made between the 1992 data and similar studies conducted in 1987 and 1977. Also available: 1987 closed claim and consumer panel study, Compensation for Automobile Injuries in the United States, March 1989, 187 pages; and 1977 closed claim study, Automobile Injuries and Their Compensation in the United States, March 1979, 254 pages plus 409 pages of tables in Vol. II.

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