Research Publications

Special Investigative Units

This report shows findings from several surveys on insurer use of Special Investigative Units to combat fraud. Included is a study tracking costs and estimated savings from denial of fraudulent claims by 19 companies with SIUs, information on types of insurance fraud investigated, and information on SIU structure, training and qualifications of SIU personnel, and legal issues.

Crime Losses in Property Casualty Insurance

his study measures the overall impact of crime-related insurance claims on the various kinds of insurance policies sold by property-casualty insurers. Results are stated in terms of crime losses as a percentage of all losses, countrywide and by state, for personal and commercial lines of insurance and for various types of criminal activity. The report also estimates annual dollar costs per household and per employee.

Arson Incidence Claim Study

A survey of 13,418 insurance company claim files was conducted to determine the incidence of suspected arson in fire claims for homes and businesses. The report also discusses probable motives for the suspected arson fires, to the extent that motives could be determined.