Research Publications

Unisex Auto Insurance Rating

Following passage of unisex insurance rating legislation in Montana, the Council conducted a study of how auto insurance premiums changed when gender and marital status were eliminated as rating variables. The study measures the increases and decreases in auto insurance premiums experienced by youthful female and male drivers.

Patterns of Shopping Behavior in Auto Insurance

This report contains the findings of three related surveys to determine how vehicle owners shop for auto insurance and types of information available to them. The studies found that consumers engage in a large amount of comparison shopping, and report little difficulty in obtaining the information they need for buying auto insurance.

Evaluation of Motor Vehicle Records

This study evaluates state motor vehicle records as a source of information on individual driver accidents and convictions in the 37 states that made available such information as of 1983. The study shows great variability among states in the amount of accident and conviction information found on publicly available state records, and provides explanations for these differences across states.

Structured Settlements

Insurance companies are making increasing use of annuities and other forms of "structured" settlements in lieu of lump-sum payments to disabled or seriously injured liability claimants. This report contains findings of a survey involving 54 major property-casualty insurers concerning their use of the technique, criteria used for making structured settlement offers, funding arrangements and other aspects.

Insurer Study of PIP Serious Injury Claims: Second Follow-up 1982

This report monitors the progress of 420 seriously injured crash victims whose files were initially surveyed as part of Automobile Injuries and Their Compensation in the United States. This is the second follow-up survey of the survivors. In addition to tracking survival rates and updating expected costs, the study includes a new count of large-loss claims open as of year-end 1981 in the three surveyed states (Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey).

Geographical Differences in Automobile Insurance Costs

The study describes how the number and cost of auto insurance claims vary from one area to another, leading to differences in insurance premiums by territory. Using data from Connecticut, Ohio and Florida, the study also correlates insurance rates by territory with data on population density, accidents reported to state motor vehicle departments and auto thefts reported to police. Out of Print

Auto Theft in the United States

This is a compendium of statistics on auto theft in the United States.

State Motor Vehicle Records as a Source of Driver Performance Information

The study was the Council's first effort to document the massive underreporting of serious accidents and traffic violations in state motor vehicle records.

The Cost of Auto Insurance: How Consumer Choices and Characteristics Affect the Premiums People Pay

Research for this study was based on an examination of 3.8 million auto insurance policies insuring nearly 5.8 million vehicles. The study shows how average premiums vary according to such factors as the number of cars insured, the age and value of the car, urban vs. rural locations, age and sex of principal drivers and prior accident records.

Insurer Study of PIP Serious Injury Claims

This is the first follow-up on the 420 seriously injured crash victims whose files were initially surveyed as part of Automobile Injuries and Their Compensation in the United States. The study recorded changes in their conditions since 1978 and updated statistics on current and future expected costs.